RSA Certification Program
Introducing RSA Certification!
In an effort to provide the Restoration Industry with a vehicle to communicate their academic accomplishments we are proud to introduce the RSA Certification Program.  This program, through certification, provides RSA alumni with documented validation that they have:     
  • Successfully completed specific training with the RSA
  • Demonstrated knowledge in specific subject through examination

RSA is the leading provider of training and education in the restoration industry.  More than 7,000 students attend our programs annually, including hundreds of insurance professionals, thousands of restorers and many related professional tradesman.  Our curriculum is developed and delivered by a faculty of instructors with more than 200 years of combined restoration experience, including business ownership, management and sustainability.   

You have relied on our world class education since 1980.  Now we are providing you with a way to communicate your commitment to education excellence!

Microbial Remediation:  Intermediate 
MR 210  

Our first certification available in 2010 is MR 210:  Microbial Remediation.  This program combines the best of current industry standards, regulations and guidelines into a 4 day presentation.  Students will receive professional level training on best practices.  Lessons are reinforced with demonstrations and some hands on exercises.

Click here for MR 210 Course Overview